falling blocks version 0.6

use cursor left, right and down to move the blocks.
use cursor up to smack a block down.
use "n" & "m" to rotate the blocks.
instead of the cursor keys you can also use "a", "s", "d" and "w".

0.6 is the first version of this game that includes a online-multiplayer mode.
the basic singleplayer mode is pretty much complete and there were no changes since 0.5. it includes sound, animation for lines vanishing and a gameover animation. as of version 0.5 the block preview feature is included and you can turn the blocks in both directions. compared to the 0.3 version it now has bitmap fonts. compared to the 0.2 version it now has animations. compared to the 0.1 version it now has sound effects and a background image.
this game uses phaser.io (version 1.2 beta) and graphics from kenney.nl (blocks from the puzzle pack)
the multiplayer interface uses the modal features of bootstrap.


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