harvest: earth tongue



fire the harvesting beams with the keys "a", "s", "d" and "f"
fire any beam to start flying
"m" to mute/unmute the music
"n" to mute/unmute the lasers

harvest earth tounge - a game by @jpdevelop 2015
this game is my art payment for earth-tongue - it is inspired by the earthtongue theme and the looks of the earthtongue demos
no assets from earthtongue have been used - instead some are based on kenney.nl assets from the donation and crowdfunding package
coded in typescript using phaser.io
this game has nothing to do with the content or gameplay of earth tongue - it is just "art of any kind", "about earthtongue in someway" and "include[s] the name Earthtongue" in the title.


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